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2019-07-22 - 12:06 p.m.

So my 20th High School reunion was this weekend. I did want to go but my wife was having a hard time with the thought of it. Yes; she and I are High School sweethearts. Anyways. Back about 15 years ago she had a really bad rollover accident. She had lost almost all her teen memories. So she wouldn't have been having a good time not knowing who anyone was.

Some of the stories from the reunion were kinda fun to hear. A couple of the high school lovers hooked back up. And ther was a pair of panties left in the van we rented to get all the drinkers home. So I kinda missed out.

It has been a hot weekend as well. It was hot during overtime, it was hot at home. It was hot in the car. I geel that I have sweat out my own bodyweight. Kinda grose. But It is my fault for living in s hot area like I do.

Bonnie and I are still cuddling on the couch though. I have missed being close with my wife. So it has been good. I do love her moe than anything in the world. I dont care that we are not wealthy. I am just as happy now as the first day I had laied eye on her.


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